FAMILY SERVICES - All In Solutions Counseling Center
All In Solutions Counseling Center is a comprehensive, highly individualized drug and alcohol treatment program located in Boynton Beach, FL. All In Solutions treats the whole family, not just those currently active in substance abuse while bridging the gap between inpatient treatment and completely independent living.
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Addiction is a family disease – not just in the sense that the devastation caused by addiction touches everyone who is involved, but also wreaks havoc within familial relationships.


When an addict is active in his or her addiction, he or she may be harshly abusive to the ones that provide nothing but unconditional love and support. This verbal, mental, and emotional abuse will inevitably begin to take a toll on close family members. In many cases, they will require a certain level of therapeutic care themselves. Unquestionably, relationships within the family will be harshly strained by the implications of active addiction. We have found it extremely beneficial for all members of a family to sit down together, and work through potential interpersonal trauma with a professional therapist.



Additionally, addiction is a family disease in the sense that the behaviors of an addict are often exacerbated by dysfunctional relationships within the family – such as enabling or codependent relationships. We work closely alongside the families of our clients to teach them skills like healthy boundary setting, saying ‘no’, and the art of tough love.


Our family program focuses on:

  • How to rebuild and preserve relationships within the family.
  • Supporting the recovery of an addict without enabling.
  • Setting and maintaining healthy boundaries.
  • Tools for effective and advantageous parenting.
  • Healthy communication skills.


The National Institute of Drug Abuse recently conducted a recovery-related study, proving that the success rate of addicts is increased significantly when their close family members are directly involved in their recovery process. We ourselves have found this to be exceedingly true, thus we have dedicated a major portion of our recovery program to assisting the family members of our clients become involved in a healthy, supportive, and beneficial way.

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